Children’s Playroom

Turnberry Ocean Colony Children’s Playroom was recently remodeled.  Since it was constructed, our community wanted to ensure that each child enjoys this dynamic and unique place. Children will be able to play and socialize in a secure and constructive environment. The playroom includes a variety of innovative toys as well as enough open space to have independence and explore their artistic and creative minds. 

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Multi-Purpose Room

Capacity: 75
Size: 1259 sq ft.

Card Room

Capacity: 75
Size: 2029 sq ft.

Acqua, The Restaurant

Capacity: 150
Size: 2170 sq ft.

Living Lounge

Capacity: 75
Size: 1400 sq ft.

Private Dining Room

Capacity: 20
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Capacity: 40
Size: 900 sq ft.

Ocean Cabana

Capacity: 100
Size: 2150 sq ft.


Capacity: 250
Size: 2800 sq ft.